FAQs of Flag Pen

  • Posted on: 8 July 2011
  • By: bayfan

1. What's the price for banner pen? Do you have price list for all the pen models?

Check price here.

  All prices quoted in this catalogue do not include G.S.T. or Provincial/State taxes.
   Bayfan offers free shipping and delivery to one address of choice. Bayfan is NOT responsible for import taxes and duties. This is the responsibility of the distributor. Please calculate approximately $18 per 1000 pens. [e.g NY, USA, about 8% for total value] Contact us for details.

2.What is DHL express frieght? 

Prices  already include DHL express to your door. No set up charge. All cost is included. No hidden fees.

3. What's your delivery time?

Normal orders are 4 weeks to your door after received your payment. 15-days Urgent Orders are 15 days to your door after received your payment. But there will be no logos on clip of barrel for 15-days Urgent Orders. And you need our confirmation for urgent orders. Above delivery time already include normal weekends, but not include special lawful holidays, such as National Holidays (Oct 1-3 each year), Spring Festival (Normal last 20 days or more) . And above all, not include the delay caused by Act of God. [1]

4. Can you send us a sample/some samples?

Please check our sample policy.

5. Do you have any reference clients?

Yes. See some examples of our clients.

6. How to place order and make payment? Do you accept  paypal or credit cards? What is the most cost-effective way to place scroll pens order with serveral artwork designs and/or with several barrel colors?

Go to www.bayfan.com , click on the thumbnail of the the type of item you interested, and then adjust the order quantity to your desired quantity. (Final price will change based on your order quantity) . If you want to do it quick, you can just click the big button of "Check out with PayPal", which express check out, and are covenient if you only order one item. 

Yes, we accept paypal and credit card payment. (Credit card shall also be paid via check out with Paypal, which will forward to paypal website page to ask you to imput your credit card information and your email address, delivery address etc. So cardit card payment are paid through paypal, you don't need an paypal account in advance, it just take you several second to put your credit card information to paypal. Which means that our website don't hold or record your credit card information). 

We also accept T/T (Telax Transfer) payment. Which is a traditional stardard international bank transfer payment methods.
To use this payment methods, you need to click orange "Add to Cart"  button on item page,
then it lead you to shopping cart, you can add more other items if you want. And    to check out, click the big orange button " Proceed to Checkout", for new clients, a page request you to register (or you can check out as a guest) , imput your delivery address,
and click continue, choose free shipping at Shipping Method tab (if that is the case),  and press orange Continue button,
now you are at the Payment Information tab finaly, choose Purchase Order, imput the order number you desired,
press  the orange Continue button, it will lead you to Order Review tab, review your order, if correct, Click the big orange Place Order button, wait for several minutes while systems shows Submitting order information. After your order submitted, you see a page says: " Your order has been received. Thank you for your purchase!  Your order # is: 10000xxxx."  (Submitting your order may take 1-5 minutes based on your network condition).  
Once your order is reviewd and treated manually, we will email you our bank details for you to arrange T/T bank transfer (Or as called in old fashion way:  wire the money)

For one scroll pens order with different artwork designs and/or with different barrel color, the most cost-effective way is to use Shopping Cart function. Use Add to Cart at item page, if you have several artwork designs,
order your extra artwork design setup charges here: http://www.bayfan.com/banner-pen-artworks-set-up-charges.html (Unit price is for one extra artwork, not pen quantity. e.g. if you have 3 artworks, then you need to order two Extra Banner Pen Artworks Set Up Charges)   (Also use Add to Cart instand of check out).
And want several barrel colors, order extra here: http://www.bayfan.com/scroll-pens-barrel-color-set-up-charges.html  
You can also order our Banner Pens Artwork Design Service if you can not supply stardard finished artwork for banner pens. Order Banner Pens Artwork Design Service here:   http://www.bayfan.com/banner-pens-artworks.html    
Also if you ordered solid barrel color scroll pens, you might need to add Logo imprint addon service:  http://www.bayfan.com/logo-print-service-palstic-pens.html

7. What is artwork format you accept? Can you design artwork according to our requirements/pictures? And how to send artworks to you?

For example of HSBANNER-9

  • Max Print size: 180*68mm (that's the visible size on finished products, your artwork shall be 5-10mm larger for backgroud bleeding)
  • Artwork Format: .ai or PDF; Or any kind of high quality image, such as jpg,gif
  • Extra silk printed logo on clip: 30*5mm; on barrel: 100*50mm
  • All fonts are to be converted to curves / outlines.

We offer artwork design service.  Artwork design cost of 4 color offset print on paper banner: USD50.  One time change is included in artwork design cost. If you want to change second time, another USD50.

    Find more information from Flag pen artwork designing instructions

   Email us your artwork. We will give you an ftp account to upload artwork if your artwork is very large > 50MB. You can use ftp client such as Filezilla. And make a new folder with our PI number.

8. What else shall I confirm after ordered?

See  Confirmations before production

9. Do you have Distributor/Reseller/Agent at our country? And how can be your Distributor/Reseller/Agenct? Can we be your exclusive distributor?

You can resell our products to your clients. Prices are based on our open price.If you order quantity is larger than 10,000 per order, please contact us.

The word is flat, we don't think it is necessary for exclusive distributor/agent. And we already  have clients on every continent and most of the  economic active areas.