Flag Pen artwork designing instructions

  • Posted on: 13 July 2011
  • By: bayfan

Flag Pen / Scroll pen artwork designing instructions

First, your artwork shall be curved. Artworks shall have 300dpi to ensure good printing quality.

Note:: Different pen models/styles may have different requirement of artwork size. Please contact us if you have any queries.

For example of HSBANNER-9

  We offer artwork design service. Artwork design cost of 4 color offset print on paper banner: USD50. One time change is included in artwork design cost. If you want to change second time, another USD50.

For HSBANNER-1/3/4. See:  Banner Pen Artwork Design Guideline.pdf 

  • Max Print size: 180*68mm (that's the visible size on finished products, your artwork shall be 5-10mm larger for backgroud bleeding)
  • Artwork Format: .ai or PDF; Or any kind of high quality image, such as jpg,gif
  • If you need your logo  to be seem through transparent barrel, keep your logo between 22mm and 4mm from aluminum edge. ( If your logo is 34mm away from upper edge to avoid clip, then just keep your logo between 22mm to 0mm from aluminum edge) 
  • All fonts are to be converted to curves / outlines.




 Which means that your logo might be coved partial by the water drip clip if your logo designed to show through transparent barrel when closed, based on case that you designed your logo 22MM to 0 MM from Aluminum edge. Normally 22MM to 0 MM is fine,as clip only coved a small part of barrel. But in case that logo is very important, you shall design the logo 34mm from UP to avoid clip. Or just keep your logo between 22mm and 8mm from aluminum edge. In both way, the clip is avoid to cover your logo when paper banner is closed. 
    It's just an option for your artwork designer. 
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.