Sample policy for flag pens.

  • Posted on: 13 July 2011
  • By: bayfan

Sample policy for flag pens.

First of all, if your order quantity is not huge, we strongly suggest you to confirm by pictures as most of our clients did. But we do send real samples based on following terms.

Part I. Sample without customised print.

1. Samples of scroll pen are with a small charge. Sample cost of each flag pen is USD2.5/PC . 

2. Express freight shall be paid by client. You can give us your DHL account number. Or order Fedex/TNT/UPS in your side to take scroll pen sample at our office. 

If you don't have an account with express company, or you find the cost is very high to order in your side, you can transfer express freight to us by PAYPAL.

Express freight to different location:

North America and West Euro: USD35

Mid East, South Asian and East Euro: USD40

Africa, South America: USD55


 Part II. Sample with customised artwork print.

Setup cost: USD250.

Plus express freight mentioned in in Part I if you need us to send sample to you.


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*Tips: If you find the express freight is too high while your order quantity is not big, we suggest you to confirm by picture as some of our clients did. See our reference clients.


You may come up with the frequent asked question if you don't buy custom goods regularly: Why customized sample are so expensive?

To save the time of both of us, we explain here:

We make an example of buying a man suits. There are too kind of suits on the market -- off-the-rack and tailored. Prices have huge difference between those two type of suits of same brand and material.   Well, scroll pen samples without customized print is just like off-the-rack suits, it's cheaper, and available right away, you just need to pay the express freight mentioned before.  While customized artwork printed scroll pen samples is like tailored suits, it's need to be specific setup, make film,  print out and cut out, what's more you need to wait one week for the custom sample to be sent out.